My last move was the best and quickest yet.  I called many companies before making a final choice. In the end I decided to hire a local moving company Go Orange Moving from Arizona. Arizona moving is not easy due to the hardships created by climate and surroundings, but fast Arizona moving is even less probable.

I've got to say that my Arizona move was as fast and as efficient as desired thanks to the local company I hired. They knew the city and planned everything for me. There is a great advantage to hiring local movers versus the big well known company. And this is the best advice you can get from me. Do your research and choose well.

I already mentioned that I moved multiple times from place to place. I never planned it, but the necessity of looking for a well paid job made me do it. My last move was the best and I have to tell you why.

The key to great moving experience is in planning and organizing. Moving is a marathon and not a race.  You need to start thinking about the move few months in advance in order to plan efficiently.

Hiring a moving company is a must if you want the job to be done fast. Labeling boxes, packing according to room where the things belong is only half of the success.